Westbrook Soccer Club

Board of Directors

President - Peter Doolittlewsbksoccerleague@gmail.com

Vice President of Travel - Open

Vice President of Recreation- Allie Drouin, alliesweiss@yahoo.com

Risk Management - Shawn Tardif, shawn.tardif30@gmail.com

Head of Coaches - Jon Whitehead, whiteheadj@westbrookschools.org

Head of Referees - Mike Chase, mlchase1226@gmail.com

Field and Equipment Manager - Bill Walsh, bosoxbill@yahoo.com

Fundraising Coordinator - Kelli Brewer, kellibrewer619@gmail.com

Registrar - Mark Campbell, markaustincampbell@gmail.com

Treasurer - Allison Smyth, allisonsmyth@ymail.com

Treasurer (in training) - Roberta Smith, youmeand6kids@gmail.com

Secretary -  Tammy Zulick, tzulick11@gmail.com

Important Dates

Summer Sessions

Pick up soccer at the new Cornelia Warren Four Season Rink!

 *Please wear regular shoes.

Location: Cornelia Warren Four Season Rink, 58 Lincoln Street, Westbrook

Dates: Wednesdays 


6pm - U9 & U10 (7,8, and 9 year olds)

7pm - U11 & U12 (10 and 11 year olds)

8pm - U13 & U14 (12 and 13 year olds)