Westbrook Soccer Club

Board of Directors

President - Jamie Grant, wsbksoccerleague@gmail.com

Vice President of Boys - Peter Doolittle, wsc.vpb@gmail.com

Vice President of Girls - Stephanie Harvie, harviefamily@icloud.com

Risk Management - John Morgan, jclmorgan26@gmail.com

Head of Coaches - Danny Cavanaugh, redsoxfans2010@gmail.com

Head of Referees - Greg Thornton, thorntong@westbrookschools.org

Field and Equipment Manager - Bill Walsh

Fundraising Coordinator - Kelli Brewer

Registrar - Heather Monahan, hlmonahan09@gmail.com

Treasurer - Aaron Graffam, aarongraffam@hotmail.com

Secretary - Aaron Davis

Important Dates

Summer Soccer Sessions                                                                                              

 * Footskills and scrimmages for WSC players                                                                       

 * Optional and Free!                                                                      

 * Thursday nights 6-7:30pm behind WCC: June 27th, July 11th, July 18th, and July 25th 


For questions regarding boys, email wsc.vpb@gmail.com

For questions regarding girls, email harviefamily@icloud.com